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Qnap TS-673-64G 6-Bay 5TB Bundle with 5x 1TB Red WD10EFRX

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This Qnap TS-673-64G is bundles with 5x1TB WD Red WD10EFRX SATA hard drives and has a total... more
Product information "Qnap TS-673-64G 6-Bay 5TB Bundle with 5x 1TB Red WD10EFRX"

This Qnap TS-673-64G is bundles with 5x1TB WD Red WD10EFRX SATA hard drives and has a total capacity of 5TB.


  • Powerfull NAS with 6 bays
  • 64GB RAM
  • 5x 1TB WD Red inclusive
  • Uses QTS to manage the NAS

QTS4 - Simple and efficient

Thanks to the intuitive user interface of QTS4, the system operation of your Turbo NAS runs smoothly and easily. With the Smart Desktop, you can quickly find desired functions, create desktop or group shortcuts, monitor vital system information in real time, and open multiple application windows to simultaneously run tasks, increasing work efficiency.

Integrated virtualization and container station

Virtualization Station allows you to host virtual machines (VMs) on the Qnap TS-673-64G and access them through a web browser or Virtual Network Computing (VNC), while Container Station uses the resource-saving virtualization technologies LXC and Docker® to operate multiple isolated Linux ® systems on the Qnap TS-673-64G, as well as downloading apps from the built-in Docker Hub Registry®. Container Station also offers the QIoT Containers platform, which allows you to quickly structure your IoT environment and deploy your private IoT cloud. By removing the limitation of physical network performance, the Network & Virtual Switch significantly improves data transfer between VMs, containers, and NAS through the internal interface.

A single NAS for multi-platform file access and multi-device sharing

The Qnap TS-673-64G serves as a file sharing platform to simplify file management across devices, and is compatible with a variety of computers and devices (including Windows, MacOS, and more). For mobile devices, Qsync Suite can be installed to synchronize and share files across PCs, phones, and tablets.

Multimedia and entertainment

Do you need a reliable device for safely storing and browsing large collections of photos, music and videos? QNAP offers rich features and apps that let you centrally collect, backup and share multimedia files and enjoy a holistic entertainment experience.

The DLNA-certified media server ensures compatibility with numerous DLNA-certified media players. If you have a streaming media client, such as A Microsoft Xbox or Sony Playstation, thanks to UPnP support, you can stream your movies and music directly from the DiskStation to your Hifi system or TV.

Snapshot protection for files and data

Snapshots allow you to record system health and data content at a specific time. If you accidentally delete / change files, hard drives crash, or your network is infected with malware, you can use snapshots to quickly restore files to an earlier point in time.

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